You tell us what you need moved. We make it happen.
  • We offer Full truck load (FTL) and Less than truck load (LTL) service throughout Canada, to and from the U.S.A.

  • Trucks include: dry vans (53’ and 48’), reefers, flat-decks, drop/step-decks, air ride, logistical and other specialized equipment.

  • Satellite tracking available on select equipment.

  • Team service available for expedited time sensitive shipments on selected carriers.

  • Certified drivers to haul hazardous materials.

  • Ability to handle commodity sensitive goods.

  • Freight Audits.



Teknon is a family owned and operated Freight Brokerage Company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which is the central transportation hub of Canada. We have a solid reputation, longevity, and a proven track record of 27 years as of 2021.


Our carrier network is vast, and made up mostly smaller trucking companies. We have access to every type of equipment through this well-chosen network of carriers.  Our carrier base is continually being monitored to only include solid reputable service oriented companies.  Carriers who are unable to communicate or have continual reliability issues are removed from our network. We expect accountability and performance from our carriers as they are an extension of us.


Someone at Teknon is always available to take your call or reply to emails, no annoying wasting time waiting on hold or waiting hours on end for returned phone calls or emails. We pride ourselves on returning all calls and emails promptly which also includes after hours. We have been told that we excel in communication and service which is critical in this industry.


Being a smaller company, you and your freight are important to us. You’re not just a number or tracking # with us. The only job you have to do is send us the shipment details and we make all necessary calls to verify shipment details with shipper, set appointments and find the best available carrier to haul your goods.


Are you using a large common carrier to move your freight? Is your freight bounced from truck to terminal back to truck into another terminal back to another truck for its delivery? In that type of system we are told delays, shortages, damages and claims are more common than not.  Seems reasonable that the more times product is moved and shuffled around, the more apt there are to be issues. Ever had to put in a claim and watch that whole process unfold? Rest assured with Teknon, your goods will arrive on the very same truck as was picked up on. If your order is LTL then the only potential transfer will be from the highway unit to the local unit for delivery. This virtually eliminates the common problems with the multiple terminal approach.


Are you charged by the freight “class” system?  We definitely need to talk. Especially on heavy skids. Several clients have told us that overcharging/billing errors are common place. Our rating system will take the confusion out of the process. With Teknon, you will only ever pay for what you were quoted prior to pick up with no mystery charges and or errors.


Ever have to call a large carrier inquiring about the whereabouts of your shipment? Typically you are only attached to a tracking #, your important shipment is a very small detail in their daily operations…… you wait on hold………and wait……and then finally you find out “oh the truck has not picked up yet, but don’t worry we hope to get it today sometime”.  Then you or someone in your company calls back again…… and again, on and on it goes.  Sound familiar? That’s exactly why we do not put our client’s goods through that system.


Our process is simple.  Teknon will notify you throughout the entire process once we have confirmed with shipper, secured a pick up time, when the goods are on board and an ETA for delivery.   Some clients prefer lots of updates, and some just want the “let me know when it’s delivering”. The choice is yours, just let us know what works in your system and we will be sure to meet your expectations.  Our goal is to update our customers as soon as we get any information. This includes if there are any possible unforeseen scheduling changes. Unfortunately delays are sometimes part of trucking, and with Teknon you will be notified immediately of any unforeseen delays on either end so proper adjustments can be made ahead of time. We do our best to update our customers before our customer’s contact us for updates. That’s how simple the freight movements can be when you work with Teknon.


Is your freight coming to you “prepaid”?  Is this the most cost effective way of getting your freight?  Sometimes it is for sure. But, sometimes it’s really not in the long run. We offer an analysis of freight cost comparisons to verify for your company if the prepaid freight idea is in fact the most cost effective way of moving your goods. Over the years we have shown many clients that there are alternatives in freight that will add more revenue to your company’s bottom line.


There are many more reasons why you should use Teknon for your freight services, but you will need to join our satisfied group of clients to find out. Your company will get a less stressful, fairly priced experience when you move your freight through our system. Please take a moment to read not only our client testimonials but also our carrier testimonials.