Teknon Freight Services Ltd. was founded by Harvey Greenberg and Glen Reid and began operations in February of 1994. Teknon is a 100% Canadian owned and operated freight brokerage company and located in Winnipeg, Manitoba; the central transportation hub of Canada. Our carrier network is selected on the basis of rigorous standards of service and all are fully insured, licensed and bonded.




Our goal at Teknon Freight Services is providing you with a professional, constantly monitored, excellent, competitively priced, and on-time delivery service for your critical moves across North America. We strive to make things as convenient as possible for you. We seek your peace of mind.




It was 1993, times were very challenging financially not only for Glen and Harvey but for the company they were both working for at that time.  After both trying very hard to care for their family’s needs and help that company grow, it finally came down to two bounced payroll checks that led Glen and Harvey wondering how they were going to feed their families.  Seemingly with no other options, they decided to venture out on their own and start a freight brokerage business.  With an idea but barely enough money to scrape together incorporating costs, eventually through a friend of Harvey's, they managed to get low rent on a small hundred square foot office. They set up a couple of desks and phones, and in February of 1994 with their backs against the walls, they hit the ground running. Paying carriers first and themselves last, eventually they developed a base of clients and carriers many of which are still with Teknon to this day. As the business started to grow, Glen and Harvey were finally able to reap some of the benefits of all their hard labour.




As for the current Teknon team, Glen and Harvey are very proud of the fact that in May of 2013, Ashley (Glen’s daughter) joined the company and has become a very integral part of the team.  Being an entrepreneur herself in her own successful dog training business, Ashley brings a new dynamic and skill set to the company. She is very sincere, personable and dedicated to all we do and believe at Teknon. Glen likes to joke that many times over the years he asked Ashley to come on board, and she said “no thank you”!  Ha.

Harvey Greenberg 
Glen Reid
Co-Founder & President

After a severe back injury ended a 15 year career as a heavy equipment operator, it was now time for Glen to find a new career path. With only a grade 12 education and a somewhat limited skill set at that time, commissioned sales ended up as the chosen path. After two years of sales positions in various industries, late in 1993, Glen was hired for the very last time as an employee.  Of great benefit to Glen has been the guidance and lessons learnt from a few well-chosen mentors in his life. It was through those relationships and guidance that he was able to learn all the skills required for what has become an entrepreneur’s path.


Glen’s food for thoughts:


  • “You definitely have to have a thick skin to run your own business.”

  • “When one door closed, another always opened.”

  • “To thine own self be true.”

  • “Stay strong, this too shall pass.”

  • “Does the handshake agreement still exist? Hmmmmm…”

  • “Do nice guys always finish last or 1st? Hmmmmm…”

  • “Golden rule.”

  • “You will never hit a goal you don’t focus on.”

  • “Life’s journey, not destination, is more like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. Flat lining? …….Well, it’s flat lining!”

  • “When you stick your head above the crowd and take your stand, you are sure to get tomatoes thrown your way.”

  • “Good things happen to good people who have faith and belief.”


When Glen is not working, he enjoys all the precious moments with his wife, kids and grandkids. He and his wife love to take road trips on their Harley. Glen loves to keep busy and believes in enjoying each day to its absolute fullest.  His hobbies are woodworking, landscaping, quadding, gun collecting and target shooting.  

After many years in a delivery/courier career, Harvey decided that it was time for a change. He was newly married, and had interest of starting a family. This is when Harvey decided to move on to bigger and better things, and headed into the commissioned sales industry in 1993. This is where he met Glen. After their employer went broke and left them high and dry, this is when they decided to start Teknon. Harvey knew that the only way to truly become successful in life is to work hard and stay humble.


Over the past 20 years, Harvey has gone through many ups and downs in both his business and personal life, including a huge health scare. But even though there have been struggles, the main thing is that he is still alive and Teknon is still staying strong and growing.


From day one of both business and life in general, Harvey has always said and believed that you should always treat people the way you want to be treated, with honesty and integrity. This is how Teknon was built and how Teknon will continue to operate for hopefully another 22 years.


During his free time, Harvey enjoys spending time with his wife, his son, his dog, family and friends. He enjoys the famous Winnipeg cruise nights, checking out classic cars, and driving around in his convertible. Harvey enjoys trying new restaurants and travelling to new places, and loves enjoying the simple things in life.

Ashley Reid
Vice President

After graduating with a diploma in Business Administration from Red River College in 2008, Ashley spent time working various jobs for large corporate companies. In 2013, Teknon was looking for a new employee, and after too many false promises and uncertainty in the retail and corporate work force, Ashley decided to jump on the offer to work for her Dad and Harvey at Teknon. As someone who grew up in the business, it didn't take long before she had a good handle on things. Ashley brings a new face to Teknon, and enjoys working with family.


Outside of work, Ashley loves to spend time with her daughter,husband, friends and her canine children. She also owns her own dog training and behaviour business which started in 2008 and has had wonderful success. As a child, her passion in life was dogs and animals and she started working with dogs at the age of 10. After a 13 year long relationship with her family German Shepherd (Tess), she decided to fulfill her dream of helping people build better relationships with their dogs and that is when Tess's Dog Training came into existence. Due to her love of dogs and helping others, Ashley has also spent many years volunteering and assisting in running various dog rescues and has helped many dogs get adopted into loving homes.


Ashley strives be true to herself always (something her Dad has always told her), and believes we should always try to be a better person than we were the day before. After some early adulthood struggles, she has learned and firmly believes that in order to be successful in life and to achieve all your goals, you must work hard at everything you do, and to always make time to enjoy life.

Got Dog? Please visit www.tessdogtraining.com to find out more about what Ashley does and how she many be able to help you!

Ashley's canine children. Ranger (left - up in Heaven) and Miley (right).


“We are a family owned, hardworking and growing freight brokerage firm. We take pride in offering all of our clients a high level of customer service. At Teknon, You will never be treated like a number.We look forward to assisting you and your Company with all your freight needs."

Ashley Reid, Teknon Freight Services